Xulia González Cerdeira

Universidade de Vigo
Xulia González Cerdeira







Associate Professor in Economics and member of the Group of Researchers in Empirical Economics (GRiEE)

Mulleres Economistas... Sen Limites.       Proyecto financiado por la Unidade de Igualdade (U Vigo)

Contact information
Facultad de Ciencias EE. y EE.
Universidade de Vigo
As Lagoas-Marcosende s/n
36310 Vigo, Spain                        
Tel: (34) 986-812516, Fax: (34) 986-812401
E-mail: xgzlez@uvigo.es

Fields of interest
- Empirical IO
- Competition Policy
- R&D and Productivity
- Price strategies.

Recent articles  
Price dispersion, chain heterogeneity and search in online grocery markets (joint with D. Miles) SERIEs, 9(1): 115-139 (2018).

Effects of antitrust prosecution on retail fuel prices (joint with M.J. Moral).  International Journal of Industrial Organization 67 102537 (2019).

Panel data to investigate pricing behavior in the Spanish retail fuel market   (joint with M. J. Moral).  Data in Brief, 28 (2020).

Work in progress   

Performance pay, firm size, and exporter status (joint with R. Loveira and C. Pazo)

Competition and competitors: Evidence from the retail fuel market (joint with M.J.Moral)

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